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Q: How long does it take to get my product? A: Normal processing time takes about 10 days. From there, the fulfillment process begins, and product is packed up and prepped for shipment. You will get an email notification when the order goes into fulfillment. Order fulfillment is a process that can take multiple days for large orders. 

Q: What shipping options do I have? A: Our business is setup as an automated  e do not offer expedited shipping, although yoYou will receive a notification (another email) when your order ships. That email will contain your tracking number.

Q: How does the cable tether work? A: For all products, the aircraft cable tether attaches at both ends using a nut that has a special security screw that can only be loosened using the provided tool. There is a hole for the tether to mount to the bracket on all products, and typically, users attach the other end of the tether inside of a cabinet, kiosk or directly to the fixture or piece of furniture that the gaming console sits in / on. This system is designed with flexibility in mind, the flexibility to quickly secure the tether end to a wide variety of things in a wide variety of situations using the loop end / nut that comes on the end of the tether. 

Q: Can I get a longer or shorter cable tether? A: We don't offer different cable length options yet, although we do have plans to offer different tether options, retractable solutions, etc. Currently, each product comes with a (relatively long) 6' cable length that could be shortened by the user if so desired. The nut that secures the non-bracket end of the cable to the display fixture, etc. can be removed and slid up / down any length of cable. You could also attach an aftermarket cable or retractable tether to the bracket. There is a hole integral to the bracket that allows for flexibility of attachment / mounting of either the provided cable tether or aftermarket options.

Q: How long does it take to install the security brackets on the controllers? A: It only takes minutes to install our products. There are simple to understand printed installation instructions included with each product we ship, and you can also check out the tutorials on our youtube page (link here).

Q: Can I use the charging cables for the XBOX One and Playstation 4 with the security brackets? A: Yes. You can use the charging cables with both the standard and enhanced versions of all products. For the PS4, the way the housing is designed the enhanced version actually keeps the cable in place and eliminates the possibility of it being unplugged. The standard version allows for free use of the charging cable but does not keep it plugged in. For the XBOX One, both versions lock the charging cable in place, ensuring it is securely plugged in at all times.

Q: What is the difference between the standard and enhanced version? How do I know which version I need? A: The standard hardware system allows for a substantial level of security however they are marginally faster to install on the controllers vs. the enhanced version. They are also slimmer and less noticeable than the enhanced version from a visual standpoint. The enhanced version offers an increased level of security but are slightly heavier, larger and more noticeable. Neither version, however, impede gameplay or access to the controller or it's buttons in any way, the difference is simply aesthetic. Typically, users opt for the standard version to use at a live event where they will have staff around at times passively supervising the gameplay. Although this is not necessary (the products are secure whether there is a security presence or not) the decreased visual profile is a welcome tradeoff for a slightly reduced level of security. Users of the enhanced version typically employ these products in an environment where the game systems are completely unsupervised (in a retail environment, recreation center, unmanned demo station, etc.) and the need exists to ensure that the maximum level of security is achieved. 

Q: How secure are your products? A: Very secure. Of course, a determined thief can defeat almost any security solution, but our products are designed to make it nearly impossible to do without special planning and tools. All parts are made from stamped / forged, galvanized sheet steel. All the fasteners have a special tamper-proof head that can only be loosened / tightened using the provided lockdown driver tool. The heavy gauge aircraft cable tether cannot be cut with any readily-available tool (like scissors, a box or pocket knife, etc.). A thief would have to use heavy snips in order to cut the cable, and with the enhanced version would not be able to remove the controller from the security bracket enclosure without potentially destroying the controller to some degree. 

Q: How noticeable are these products once installed on the controllers? Will it affect gameplay? A: Lockdown anti-theft hardware systems are ergonomically designed by gaming industry engineers (who are also gamers) for gamers. They are designed with balance in mind, specifically designed to fulfill the need to secure the controllers in any environment so they cannot be stolen or lost. At the same time, they have been designed to blend in to a seamless gameplay experience both aesthetically and functionally. Tested time and again at some of the world's premiere events (E3, PAX, etc.) by the gaming industry's top brands, Lockdown products have achieved the perfect balance of security and user experience optimization.