4K High Speed 24K Gold-Plated Flat HDMI Cables in various lengths (6’, 16’, 33’) from lockdownmycontroller.com
Lockdown / Anti-Theft Systems for Game Controllers

4K No Input Lag™ HDMI Cables for Gaming

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These high speed (30 AWG 18 Gbps) 24 Karat gold plated flat HMDI cables are for serious gamers who are ready to take their game to the next level. Most HDMI cables are not high speed cables, so you will suffer from dreaded input lag which gives your opponents an advantage over you. These cables are capable of 4k / 18 Gbps, so input lag is a thing of the past. Reign supreme with Lockdown high speed gear.

Available in 6’, 16’ and 33’ Lengths

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