6’ coiled security cables for Lockdownmycontroller.com Anti-Theft Security Hardware Systems
Lockdown / Anti-Theft Systems for Game Controllers

Lockdown™ Coiled Security Cables in Various Colors (6’ Long)

Regular price $ 12.99

These coiled security tethers will keep your gaming area tidy, as they will recoil themselves back to around 22” when recoiled. When expanded to their maximum distance, they are around 79” long. 

Choose from a variety of colors: Black (default), Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Works with all Lockdown security cases. Buy as a standalone product or choose the Combo Case and Coil Cable Deal.

Note: the other cables we offer, the Standard Cables, are stronger / Thicker. These coiled cables, while robust, are easier to cut through than the Standard Extension cables which are 1/8” thick. Use these cables only in environments that pose a lesser security risk or if you simply need a tidier gaming space that is free of any cable slack. 

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