Wired Controller For Xbox 360, PS3 Slim & PC from lockdownmycontroller.com
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Wired Controller For Microsoft™ Xbox 360

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These Wired xbox 360 Controllers also work for PC and PS3 Slim. They are relatively easy to secure if the console is inside of a locked cabinet. The cable will not come out of the controller as it’s secured inside and made to be tough to remove, but the other end simply plugs into the USB ports on your console so you must secure the USB end as it can be easily unplugged. If the console is inside of a locked cabinet, you can drill a round hole for the cords to poke through to the inside of the cabinet, then use a heavy zip tie to secure the cable to the inside of the cabinet by connecting the zip tie to a screw that you secure into the wood on the interior of the cabinet. 

Type: Game Controller,
Model Number: USB Wired Controller
Interface Type: USB

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