(Standalone) Extended Security Tethers - Ready to Install (XB1 and PS4)
Lockdown / Anti-Theft Systems for Game Controllers

(Standalone) Extended Security Tethers - Ready to Install (XB1 and PS4)

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Standalone extension Security Tethers can be purchased individually with all parts sent to replace the 6' long tether that comes with all Lockdown brackets by default. These security tethers are 1/8" thick aircraft cable coated with black vinyl, a crimped loop at one end (this end mounts to a post inside each custom bracket) and then an integrated terminal at the opposing end (intended to be used with the provided tamper-proof screw and fastened inside the demo unit, kiosk or furniture that supports the console. 

Most customers purchase this standalone cable product when they have owned the 6' cable version for a time and then their needs simply change. Otherwise, if you anticipate needing a longer cable someday, please ensure you choose the ideal length cable for your original application during checkout. And keep in mind that unlike other would-be suppliers, all other market solutions rely on "sticky tab" technology, meaning the simply adhere to a surface like tape. Visit our video gallery to understand how our security products differ from the rest. 

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